Salisbury Fire and Rescue
Salisbury Fire and Rescue 50/50
What is the "Salisbury Fire and Rescue 50/50"? It is a weekly 50/50 draw where registered participants pay $2 each week for a chance to win the pot. 

How Does It Work? Participants must register the FIRST TIME by providing their name and phone number.  Each week the participant must purchase at least ONE ticket in order to have a chance to win.  On draw day we determine if the participant associated with the winning ticket participated that week by purchasing a ticket.  If yes, they will win the pot.  If no, the pot is add to the next week's draw.

When is the draw? Draw takes place Wednesday evening at the Salisbury Fire Hall. Winners will be contacted by the phone number provided and posted on the Salisbury Fire Facebook Page.

Where to play? Guardian - Salisbury Pharmacy
McTavy's General Store
Shell / Sobeys Express

NEW 50/50 FAQ When will the new draw begin?April 29th our systems will be down while we swap out hardware at our retailers. Once provincial auditors review out system we will be open for business. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for Updates.

Will I need to sign up again?No, you information from the current draw will move to the new system.

What if I bought advanced tickets?Don't worry, your future tickets will be automatically moved to the new system.
Event 276 (May 12 2021)
Non Winner
Pot:$ 845

Event 275 (May 05 2021)
Winner - $888
872-2 - Arnold Colpitts
Pot:$ 1,776

Event 274 (Apr 28 2021)
Non Winner
Pot:$ 1,099

Event 273 (Apr 21 2021)
Winner - $1,431
109493 - Jeff Killam
Pot:$ 2,862

Event 272 (Apr 14 2021)
Non Winner
10854 - Glenn Hopper
Pot:$ 2,235

Event 271 (Apr 07 2021)
Non Winner
10910 - Jordan Damery
Pot:$ 1,197